Pagne’s history, women’s history


Here, as the average monthly salary is about 30 000 CFA (60 $CAN) people still dream to buy Visco pagne, a colorful but pricy wax African print used to make clothing and sold for 15,000 CFA (30$CAN). Why ??Why what happened ?? Why are they so popular? The reality is that the pagne have been present throughout Togo’s history and economy…

The Nana Benz a group of woman renowned as the African Queen of Textile have been, one of most influential group in the textile industry. They are the one how have made pagne so popular. In Togo, it is impossible to talk about economy without mentioning the famous Nana Benz.  Nana for women, Benz for the Mercedes Benz this group of woman were able to buy because of their wealth.

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Here is a good article about this famous fabric: